We offer three levels of protection training: 

First level - is to teach the dog to alert bark, and to stop barking on command.

Second level - Your dog will learn to show aggression if you or family member is being threatened. We will teach them how to aim, strike, and hold on. Your dog will be trained to stop on their owners command.

Third level - is pursuit training. At this level the dog is taught to run after the offender. We can also teach a hold and guard command.

Our protection dog training program is based on making the perfect family guardian. Some dogs are born with protective instincts; even these breeds must be taught and trained to use their instincts properly to effectively defend their owners and homes.  Protection dogs are obedient and friendly, they are trained to alert and defend only when necessary. Dogs trained for protection are not vicious, dangerous or over-aggressive. They are very loving, friendly and affectionate towards children. It is not the breed, but courage that makes a good protector. Our professional dog trainers can train any dog that has the heart to protect.

We will set up a free consultation to demonstrate our training methods at our location in Denver, Colorado. At that time, Vince will evaluate your dog’s capability. 

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